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New England Tool Corporation SB-16E
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The continuation of the favorable
economic solution

This new machine of SB series also convices with competitiveness.

Other advantages:

  • C-axis new also on sub spindle
  • for positioned pick-up and thread cutting
    on sub spindle
  • more power and higher speed on sub spindle (max. 9'000 rpm)

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Tool kinematics

sb16e kinematik

Specifications SB-16E

CNC control unit Fanuc 18i-TB
Number of axes 7
Max. machining diameter Ø 16 mm
Max. headstock stroke 205 mm stationary guide bush
105 mm standard
Max. main spindle speed 10'000 rpm
Main spindle indexing C-axis (0.01°)
Main spindle motor 2.2 kw / 3.7 kw
Number of tool stations Gang tool post 5 turning tools
3 power-driven attachment
4-Spindle sleeve holder 4 tools frontworking
4 tools backworking (interpolation possible)
Max. drilling capacity Ø 10 mm 4-spindle sleeve holder
Ø 6 mm power-driven attachment
Max. tapping capacity M8 x 1.25 4-spindle sleeve holder
M5 x 0.8 power-driven attachment
Coolant tank capacity 152 L
Dimension (W x D x H) 1861 x 1060 x 1750 mm
Weight 1700 kg

Backworking attachment SB-16E

Max. chucking diameter Ø 16 mm
Max. pick-up part length 80 mm
Max. part protection length 30 mm
Max. sub spindle speed 9'000 rpm
Sub spindle motor 0.55 kw / 1.1 kw
Number of tool stations 2 tools
Max. drilling capacity Ø 8 mm
Max. tapping capacity M6 x 1.0
Max. feed rate  all axes 35 m/min

* Specifications are subject to change

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