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"Our mission is to be a premier supplier of industry leading CNC Machinery for years to come "

About UsNew England Tool Corporation

New England Tool Corporation was founded in 1999 as a necessity to meet the demands for High Pressure Pump applications on Swiss Style CNC Lathes.

New England Tool Corporation is today the supplier of choice of High Pressure Systems on Star Swiss Machines with thousands of pump installations throughout the US and Europe.

We are continuing to expand our business to cover all brands of CNC equipment and we welcome enquires from OEM CNC builders and CNC shops concerning applications for your machines.

We develop custom installation kits for each of our applications and sell our systems as a complete package, and we will design and build High Pressure Pumps to meet our customer's individual needs.

We continue to expand our line of CNC accessories, which include the Tri-Mist mist and smoke collecting systems, chiller units and custom designed special tooling attachments.

On October 1st 2005 we became the exclusive distributor for Star CNC Machines for New England. We are now Star’s first and only Full Service Distributor in the US, handling Sales, Service and Star CNC Training throughout New England.

We welcome your enquires for Swiss applications for your parts, and we are able to submit time studies upon request.

In April 2015, we became the distributor for Eurotech Elite Multi-Axis Turn/Mill line of machines for New England.

During 2015, we expanded our line of products with Spinner Turning Centers.

We specialize on taking your parts from Bar Stock to a completely automated Turn-Key solution.

Our mission is to be a premier supplier of industry leading CNC Machinery for years to come.

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